reedy creek mitigation bankReedy Creek Mitigation Bank (RCMB) is found in Polk and Osceola Counties, Florida, more or less ten (10) miles south of Kissimmee. The 3,520 plot of land equal to 4840 square yards bank has an aid territory that incorporates parcels of Orange, Osceola, and Polk Counties. Notwithstanding efficacious wetland restoration finished on the bank site, it likewise serves as a reported jaguar environment. The bank is allowed by both the South Florida Water Management District and the U.S. Guard Corps of Engineers and offers freshwater wetland credits for both herbaceous and forested effects.


The Reedy Creek Mitigation Bank property comprises of 3,520 sections of land, 80% of which is explained as wetland living space. The objective of the RCMB is to underscore restoration and upgrade of territories where environment or framework capacities have been debased or affected, and to save in ceaselessness the whole property as a sound, heightened correspondence biological system.

Hydrologic alterations for example dumping and berming inside the uplands and building logging ways inside the wetlands brought about impeding earthy effects to a larger part of the wetland regions. The aforementioned incorporated horrible soil subsidence inside the southwestern divide of the property and the attack of exotics and annoyance species scattered all through the venture zone.


Hydrological improvement of the wetlands was finished in Huckleberry Islands Swamp through the evacuation of the “Southern Logging Road”, and the introduction of level water intersections along what has come to be reputed to be the “Dog Leg Road.” These restoration exertions happened in conjunction with the suspension of logging actions on the property. Supplemental hydrologic improvement was fulfilled through the establishment of eleven ducts and three level water intersections along the existing railroad review.

Likewise, restoration and upgrade of existing upland, wetland and transitional ranges in the southern parcel of the property incorporate a vast-scale restoration endeavor for the uplands in the manifestation of the Flatwoods Restoration Plan. The re-station of the transitional regions that were at one time non-existent is moreover a major part of the whole restoration deliberation on the property, upgrading both uplands that were truly wet and wetland neighborhood sorts.

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